Common Voice Sprint 中文語料松

Common Voice 是 Mozilla 的自由語音資料收集計劃,目前提供全世界第二大的自由英文語音資料庫,讓大家可以用以訓練語音辨識系統、或任意自由運用。

經過一年的努力,現在這個計畫即將邁向中文了!這一下午的衝刺,我們將遠距連線 Common Voice 開發成員,一同收集整理出公眾領域的對話語料庫,讓貢獻者未來得以朗讀捐出錄音。

Common Voice is a free voice database project, running by Mozilla. Currently, we offer second largest free English voice data for people to train their voice recognition model and hack.

Common Voice is going to available in Chinese! In this sprint, we will remotely co-work with Teams from Common Voice to gather, and organized Public Domain conversation materials, for people to record and donate their sound.

我們要做些什麼 What are we going to do?


Search, gather, and organized some Public Domain materials data for Common Voice website to use.

誰能參加?Who can join?


Welcome anyone with interest in language, voice recognition, open content, or had the knowledge of scripts or novels to join. You don't need specific program ability.

所需裝備 Equipment

帶著你的筆電來吧。 Bring your laptop.

(本活動將以中英文雙語進行 The event may run under duo-language.)

摩茲工寮 Mozilla Community Space Taipei / 台北市中正區八德路一段 94 號 3F

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