(English meetup) MozTW Lab - GNU Taler online payment system 線上付款系統

(English meetup)

GNU Taler is a Free Software privacy-friendly payment system from the GNU project. Taler does not use a blockchain. Paying with Taler is extremely efficient: customers authorize transactions with one click, and then the system takes only a few milliseconds to finalize the transactions. In this lecture, we will introduce the political goals, architecture and technology behind Taler, demonstrate the current state of development and outline likely future developments.

Christian Grothoff is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. His research interests include compilers, programming languages, software engineering, networking, security and privacy. He is a co-maintainer of GNUnet (https://gnunet.org/), an experimental network designed with the goal of providing privacy and security without the need for trusted third parties. He is also a GNU maintainer and co-founder of Taler Systems SA (https://taler.net/) and Anastasis SARL (https://anastasis.lu/).



GNU Taler 是自由的線上付款系統,不需註冊、預設就有隱私、避免詐騙的設計、讓社群可以自行建立付款架構,而且他不是來割韭菜的區塊鏈。

真的有這麼好的東西?今晚來聽聽 Taler System 的共同創辦人,伯恩應用科技大學 的 Christian Grothoff 教授聊聊 GNU Taler 專案的目標、原理、開發現況,以及未來的發展方向吧。

分享人: Prof. Christian Grothoff
活動場地: 摩茲工寮 (moztw.space)


摩茲工寮 Mozilla Community Space Taipei / 台北市中正區八德路一段 94 號 3F

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