MoFo Talk - Mozilla 基金會分享 & 2014 Maker Party 啟動

MoFo Talk - Mozilla Foundation projects sharing & Maker Party kick-off

Celebrating the launch of this year's Maker Party campaign! We invited David Ascher from Mozilla Foundation to join us in Friday night at Mozilla Community Space (and in COSCUP) to sharing the various MoFo projects include Webmaker and Appmaker. Join us as we play with Appmaker, talk about web literacy and play around with other Webmaker tools.

MozTW 邀請到 Mozilla 基金會的 David Ascher 於本週末的 COSCUP 來台演講;而在大會之前,我們特別邀請他於週五晚上,參加摩茲工寮的每週 MozTW Lab 定期聚會,與大家搶先見面交流,用一小時的時間向大家介紹「Mozilla 基金會與專案」。
對 Mozilla 的組織、Firefox 以外的專案(包含 Webmaker、Badge、法律與追蹤…)有興趣的朋友,歡迎參加。基金會今年詳細專案項目可參考 wiki
同時,我們也將有相關的小分享,與全球一同慶祝 2014 年 Maker Party 啟動。


COSCUP Session

Day 2, R2 11:40 - 12:20
10 ways open source is important for people other than engineers


David Ascher

I'm currently VP of Product for the Mozilla Foundation, where my focus is to make MoFo products as widely adopted as possible (Webmaker, BadgeKit, and soon Appmaker).

Before that, I was Director of Mozilla Labs, building product innovation capacity throughout Mozilla.

I've been working with Mozilla technology since late '99, first at ActiveState, then at Mozilla Messaging, which I led until its incorporation within Mozilla Corporation. I've thus seen Mozilla from a variety of perspectives, touching on community, technology, policy, and product.


Maker Party

Mozilla 專注於網路教育的年度活動,在這兩個月的時間內,我們鼓勵全球社群一同參加與舉辦活動,一起來學習關於「建造網路」的一切ㄓ。

摩茲工寮 Mozilla Community Space Taipei

台北 Mozillians 的基地,為社群所設計、由社群共同管理的 Mozilla 空間。我們有桌椅、電力與網路、激發創意的小物、飲料,當然還有許多的 Mozillians,聚集在此討論、研究 Mozilla 與開放文化等領域,為自己熱愛的 Open Web 加柴添火。活動日曆與開放時間請至網站查詢:


MozTW Lab

MozTW Lab 是台北 Mozillians 交朋友、聊是非、互助研究的活動,每週五晚上七點到十點於摩茲工寮舉行,歡迎大家自由參加。



( Photo: Crazy MoFos )

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